Since 2014, Lingyee's artworks have been showcased in various public and private spaces in Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Japan and Taiwan.

Please contact us if you like to exhibit Lingyee's artworks.


Aug 2022, Selected Artist, Group Exhibition "Visions of Immigration: Sculpting the Mosaic",

Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

Dec 2019, Solo Art Exhibition "Lingyee Fu's Spirtual Journey",

Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong


Jan 2018, Solo Art Exhibition "Lingyee Fu's Dream World",

Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong

Jan 2017, Solo Art Exhibition "Beyond Our Boundaries",

5th Base Gallery, London, United Kingdom

Aug 2016, Solo Art Exhibition "The Forest of Hearts",

Ka Kee Gallery of Objects, Hong Kong

Jun 2016, Solo Art Exhibition "Wing of Colours",

Design Festa Gallery, Tokyo

Apr 2015, Solo Art Exhibition "The Freedom of Colours",

Art Center in TouCheng (頭城文創園區), Yilan, Taiwan

Aug 2014, Solo Art Exhibition "The Music by Inner Child",

Tai Yau Plaza, Hong Kong